Silverstone D1GP Exhibition Day - October 2nd 2005

16 of the best D1 drifters from Japan came to Silverstone, along with the 5

best European competitors to announce the official arrival of D1GP in the UK




Drive past during practice

Crazy dudes just before final

180bhp of sheer drift magic (tee hee)

Phil Morrison amazing long drift with side exhaust pop

That Irish dude who should have won

Phil Morrison - another qualifying run

Skyline qualifying run

Top secret drift then enters pits

RX7 qualifying drift

Top Secret qualifying run

Pre-final pissing about

3-car drift nearly ends in tears

Phil Morrison qualifying run

5-car drift

the DriftR qualifying run

somebody in qualifying

Ken Nomura and Top Secret drifting during practice

Pre-final drive past (look in the background) banner image Copyright


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