Santa Pod Raceway - Japshow Finale : October 9th 2005


8-second motorbike

Black 200SX running against a skyline

Black 200SX another run

Black 200SX run

Bloomin' quick BMW

I have no idea what this car was

Very fast skyline against a very fast Subaru

Grey S13 run against a(n) RX7

Grey S13 run against a GTI-R

Totally bonkers go-kart

Marlin-blue S14 run

Norris Design Evo

Norris Design Evo (very poor start)

Old school dragster styleee

Purple S14a

PurplePower's S14a

Rocket car gives the crowd a quick "taster" (tee hee)

Rocket car jerking up to the start and full run (warning, this is over 1 minute long)

Two very fast scoobys

Very very quick skyline (colours went a bid weird though)

White S15