Cape Range National Park

Yardie Creek

Very Shallow Water   Spot the Rock Wallaby   Spot the Rock Wallaby   Rocks and Bushes   Dead Wood   Grey Bird

Plant Roots   The water sparkles   Sunlight lights the water   Shallow Water   A smalll island   Beautiful

Bird on the rocks   A line of dead oysters   Cliff Reflection   Clear Water   Ready to take flight


Mandu Mandu Creek

Miss Cape Range National Park - July 2004   The happy couple (ha ha)   My shadow waving   Looking back to the Indian Ocean   Looking back to the Indian Ocean  

Jon stepping carefully   Yep, I look like a total spaz. Never look up when somebody says "OK"   Jon is up the creek   Eva walking away (for a change)   Cool face in the rock   Jon takes care not to look like an arse

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