Denver and Road Tripping

Looking Back @ Denver and Buffalo Bill's grave

   View from the Rockies   Buffalo Bill's Gravestone   Buffalo Bill's Grave

Bear Lake (Just Outside Denver)

My how we suffered   Jon and Ian pose for the camera   Bear Lake - bloody cold   You would never expect this of me   Yes, that is snow and some of it fell on us

Road Trip Out of Denver

The rockies   Rafting on the Colorado River   No idea - some rock   Looked very odd at the time   In the Rockies   Ian relaxes (the fat bastard!)

Road Trip Back to Denver

My, how imaginitive   A rock, in the middle of nowhere   Messing about with the camera   Messing about part 2

Arches National Park

Two archways, and the wind blows away my cap   Landscape arch   Delicate arch   One archway   Hanging Rock

Hanging Rock   Don't push too hard Ian   Greeny Silvery coloured nothingness   Dibs, Ian and Landscape arch in the back

Canyon Lands

What are you pointing at, there's sweet f.a. out there   We relax on a rock   That's why it's called Canyon Lands   That drop is over 1000 feet   nothing to see here

Lots and lots of canyons   Look at that nothingness   Dib's stands in front of naff all!   canyons!

Mesa Verde

Pretty much sums it up   Relaxing on a wall   Dibs and Ian wonder why I'm not with them   Some ancient dwellings   Ancient dwellings

Pretty impressive   Ian admires his new house!!   Yet another lens flare photo   We walked 4 miles and nearly died to see this

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